Information For Practitioners

Remove the hassle and financial burden of financing your clients’ legal disbursements.

Practice Benefits.

  • Minimise your bank overdraft.
  • Reduce your interest costs.
  • Enable you to invest your money into expanding the practice.
  • Greater cash flow and overall profitability.
  • Does not involve any intrusive employment or income checks

How does it work?

  • Legal Funding Australia will assess your request to become a panel solicitor firm and approve an overall credit facility for your firm’s disbursements.
  • Loan applications are between Legal Funding Australia and your client(s).
  • The application process is straight forward and you decide which disbursements to fund.
  • When required, the practice requests either the full drawing or part drawing of an approved loan.
  • Funding of approved loans will be processed within two business days.
  • No repayments are due until settlement of the matter.
  • Full repayment of the loan occurs directly from settlement proceeds.

Approved applications are processed within 24 hours.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply to Legal Funding Australia to become a preferred legal provider, simply contact us on